3010 0 IMPORTANT REMINDER ABOUT SCAMS Be mindful of more sophisticated scamming techniques targeting international students. 2372 3031 0 Optional Practical Training (OPT) for May 2024 Graduates If you are an F-1 student graduating in May 2024, please view our online presentation for OPT available in the ISSDeacs OPT Application. 1353 3037 0 Advising Appointments ISS is still available for advising appointments. The appointments can be in person or virtual and held through Zoom. You can sign up here, https://calendly.com/isss-appt to meet with an ISS Immigration Specialist. 0 3052 0 New Scam Alert: IRS impersonation scams The IRS has warned that impersonation scams targeting “.edu” email accounts are prevalent. Although a number of emails are flagged for phishing by Google, some suspicious messages have the potential to circumvent filters. Please view the flyer for more information. 108