3003 0 Accessing Your Pending Applications If you have already started an application you can find it on your ISS Deacs homepage. 282 3010 0 IMPORTANT REMINDER ABOUT SCAMS Be mindful of more sophisticated scamming techniques targeting international students. 2372 3031 0 Optional Practical Training (OPT) for May and August 2021 Graduates If you are an F-1 student graduating in May or August 2021, please view our online presentation for OPT or see the information regarding our one live OPT session this semester. Click below for more information. 2215 3036 0 ISSS COVID-19 FAQs If you have questions regarding COVID-19 and WFU's updates and what that means as a visa holder, please visit our website, https://global.wfu.edu/iss/ for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

You can also contact us at iss@wfu.edu or calling 336-758-5938.
3037 0 Advising Appointments ISSS is still available for advising appointments. The appointments are now virtual and held through Zoom. You can sign up here, https://calendly.com/isss-appt to meet with an ISSS Advisor. 0 3039 0 Delayed Arrivals: Deferring Your Start Date ISSS has received many questions from new international students and their parents regarding the ability to defer your admission and I-20 start date. Please click below to learn more about our official policy. 2286 3052 0 New Scam Alert: IRS impersonation scams The IRS has warned that impersonation scams targeting “.edu” email accounts are prevalent. Although a number of emails are flagged for phishing by Google, some suspicious messages have the potential to circumvent filters. Please view the flyer for more information. 108